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What Type of Vacation Planner Are You?

Updated: Nov 17

Is it better for you select pre-planned packages or plan every detail on your own?

Not sure? Take the Quiz.

Do you like/need to be in control?

  • (A) Yes, I want to plan everything!

  • (B) No, I prefer to relax and have everything planned for me


How do you want to learn about a new location and its highlights?

  • (A) I prefer to learn as much as possible before I arrive.

  • (B) I prefer to learn interesting facts from a tour guide.


In what company do you prefer to travel?

  • (A) I prefer small groups or private excursions.

  • (B) I am more comfortable on large tours or cruise ships.


Do you like surprises or spontaneity?

  • (A) No, I like to stick to the itinerary.

  • (B) Yes, changes can be fun and exciting!


If you chose more of the (A) answers, you are the PLANNER. You prefer a solid structure to your travel, researching the best places to visit in advance and visiting alone or in small groups.

What type of vacation planner are you? You are someone who wants to know as much as possible up front so you can make the best decision and feel confident that you are experiencing everything you want and not miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

We like research (you could even say love it). It is part of the travel journey, finding out what there is to see and do and deciding what works best for us. On our Italian adventure, we planned a three-week vacation that landed us in Rome, Naples, Pompei, Capri, Florence and Rocca San Giovanni, landing in Paris at the start and ending with a luxurious train ride from Italy to Switzerland. It involved meticulous planning, booking train tickets, hiring drivers, renting a vehicle and reserving a multitude of entrance tickets in advance, all to ensure we saw and experienced as much as we could in our short time. It was a whirlwind, but fantastic!

Hiking solo through the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Hiking solo through the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

If you chose more of the (B) answers, you are EASY-GOING. You like structured travel, relying on guides to show you the interesting places and create the fun for you. There may be some choice involved, but ultimately the options are dictated by the offer or the package.

What type of vacation planner are you? You are someone who wants to have fun. have great experiences and learn new information, but don't want to spend the time researching in advance. You want to immerse yourself in the location and just enjoy. Plans may change, things might be missed, but as long as you have a good time, you're one happy traveller.

Though we opt for control more often then not, sometimes your brain (and body) just need a break and want a vacation that is easy. When we travelled to the Maldives, we took advantage of the experiences and excursions they offered on the resort; all were pre-packed tours in the area. It was the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.

Marooned on Dream Island in the Maldives
Marooned on Dream Island in the Maldives

If you chose a balance of both (A) and (B) answers, you are BALANCED. You find value in both structured travel and customization. This can include research and travel on your own, and/or selecting various tours from a wide variety of companies. The best approach for you is a tour company that gives you choice but allows you to customize your trip the way you want.

What type of vacation planner are you? You are someone who doesn't want to relinquish all control, but doesn't want to make all the decisions. You want the options to be presented to you so you can select (and maybe tweak) what works best. When we first began travelling together, we fit squarely into this category. We chose pre-packaged holidays and selected options (or found options) to meet the needs that were lacking.

When we travelled to Greece, it was a true combination of both types of travel. We could have booked a luxurious pre-packaged island-hopping tour of Greece, but wanting more control and needing a project to immerse ourselves into, we opted to organize the adventure ourselves, booking different tours; some private and some group-based. In the end, we created an itinerary that landed us in Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Santorini, but it all started in Athens.

In Athens, we created our own walking tour based on our hotel location and tourist attractions in the area, but we could have opted for an Athens Walking Tour, where a local guided us through the cobbled streets of the Plaka and beyond. In the early morning, we walked to the Acropolis and toured the Museum, both must see sites in Athens. The next stop was Mykonos, where we booked a trip to the unbelievable Island of Delos. If you love history and ruins, this is the place for you.


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


After Mykonos, we ferried over to Naxos, a jewel of an island with vast beauty and a rich history. Our last stop was the popular island of Santorini, where we booked a group volcanic cruise around the caldera. Our experience was positive and the sites beautiful, but it could have been better experienced if it had been a Private Sailing Cruise, with less passengers and a little more luxury.

As avid travellers, we find value in both styles of vacation planning, there is no right or wrong way to see the world. Whether you are THE PLANNER, EASY-GOING or BALANCED, get out of your comfort zone and see what travel has to offer. If you prefer to dive into the details and create the perfect itinerary for your next vacation, or put all the hard work into the hands of a professional, Make Them All Trips of a Lifetime.

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