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Travel Your Way: Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of Tourism

Updated: Feb 12

Travel means many things to many people. The subject of many different forms of writing, it can be a break from routine, an indulgent escape, or an alternate way of life. Travel has been always been a form of escape for us, but in recent years has become a critical lifeline for dealing with stress. The opportunity to physically place ourselves into a new environment allow us the ability to truly and completely unplug, unwind and shift focus in a manner that is impossible otherwise.

No matter your personal experience or opinion, no one can argue that the past two years have shaken up routines and shattered definitions of normal. The events that have transpired on a global scale have affected each of us differently, specifically in our personal relationships, our professional lives, and our mental health. Wanting to peer closer, we inquired with a few friends from different walks of life to gain insight on how we perceive and experience travel, how it’s changed and how we expect (or hope) it changes in the future.

The following questions were posed to each of the willing participants. The responses have been grouped together for a more comprehensive view of the varying opinions and experiences between them. A brief biography for each participant has been added to the first question to provide context and background. Our contribution to each is listed directly below each question, written in italics.

What do you consider your style or type of travel?

Generally, we lean more towards detailed itineraries, taking the time to research each location, but allowing room for spontaneity and change when we arrive. Our travel is definitely luxurious, from little indulgences to grand events, we choose experiences that both enrich and allow total escape.

Chef Denise explores the world through food, looking for regional specialties, awesome restaurants, incredible culinary experiences, and delicious recipes to share.

I prefer to be a slow traveler when possible so I can really get to know a place. I enjoy doing research on where to stay, what to do, and of course, where and what to eat as much as I can before I leave home. It gets me excited about where I’m going, and I can spend more of my time enjoying myself at my destination.

Veronica is a lover of travel which is why there is no surprise that she ended up working at the largest airport in Canada. Her job includes looking at various processes at the airport and what they can do to improve them.

Our (my family's) style is relaxed with an element of planned. We like to know about where we will be going so that we can check out some of the most popular places but once we are there we also enjoy going off the beaten path and discovering new things on our own.

Matt and Lucy are from Two Tickets To, a UK-based travel blog specializing in

stories, hints, and tips from our travels.

We work full time, so we love to experience as much as we can during our annual leave. Our style is packed itineraries with plenty of overland travel via public transport. We love night buses and trains – they’re a great way to explore somewhere and save on accommodation costs!

Yitzy is a transit operator for the last 13 years in Toronto, Canada, who enjoys reading, walking around exploring the city (or up north) and travel.

When I travel if its to somewhere like Europe I like the idea of a planned tour, but if it is somewhere drivable then a more spontaneous trip is enjoyable.

Lauren & Lottie are twins who enjoy travelling together. Sharing their travel destinations, reviews and travel tips on their blog.

Our travel style is definitely budget. When travelling, staying in hostels helps with the budget aspect of our trip and the money we save on accommodation means more of the budget is available for activities and sightseeing!

Margaret has worked in a Toronto Hospital for many years as a clerical worker.

My style of travel would be both planned & spontaneous.