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Playa Grande at dusk, Costa Rica

Travel Photography

Photography is a passion we both share, one that has evolved over the years, and one of the ways we Make Them All Trips of a Lifetime.

 With our travel photography, we focus primarily on nature, landscape and animal photos, taken during our unique and luxury travel experiences, rarely placing ourselves in front of the camera.  


On average, we return home from one of our trips of a lifetime with 10,000+ photos to process. 

We rely heavily on our DSLR cameras  (currently a Nikon D850 and Nikon D7200) and our Olympus Tough Waterproof Cameras for our underwater photography, plus the occasional smartphone capture/video when necessary.

We proudly display our photos on the walls of our home, reminiscing about our trips of a lifetime and our unique and luxury travel experiences on the daily.

 Click on any of the galleries below to see some of our favourite photos.

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The Galapagos Islands

We visited the Galapagos Islands in February 2017, on a small yacht that cruised us to Isabela, Fernandina, Baltra, Santiago, Santa Cruz, Lobos and San Cristobal Islands. It was one of the most exciting and unique experiences of our lives to date, a true trip of a lifetime.


We came face to face with wildlife found nowhere else on this planet. Nature and animal photography at its best.


The Maldives

We visited the Maldives in April 2018, a Hail Mary trip of a lifetime to save our sanity and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The vast ocean views and the picturesque beaches paled in comparison to the colour and life found just beneath the waters.


Here, our underwater photography was truly put to the test.


Rome, Italy

We visited Italy in August 2019, starting and ending our Italian adventure in Rome. Even through one of the hottest summers, we explored the eternal city on foot and were overwhelmed by the spectacular ancient architecture. A trip of a lifetime.

Ancient ruins are of one of our favourite photography subjects.

Dubai, UAE

We visited Dubai in April 2018, as a luxury stopover vacation on the way home from the Maldives. Though we only spent a few days in Dubai, we shared unique experiences, exploring the desert and handling magnificent birds of prey. Absolute luxury travel.

Some of our most beloved animal photography was captured here.



We visited the island of Mauritius in February 2019. It was a last-minute destination change, after a hurricane spoiled our plans. We found ourselves sharing absolute unique experiences; walking with lions, swimming with dolphins and in awe of a rich history.


Mauritius offered some of the most unique photography opportunities.

Athens, Greece

We visited Greece in October 2018, in a desperate need for a trip of a lifetime and to get away from the stresses of everyday life. We created our own walking tour of the streets of Athens, soaking in as much history as our tired feet would allow.

The photography we captured in this ancient city does not do it justice.


Mykonos, Greece

The infamous island of Mykonos was the second leg of our Greek adventure in October 2018. We stayed off the beaten path but visited the iconic windmills, walked the cobbled streets and admired the striking white and blue buildings.

Hidden amongst the tourists, there are hidden gems waiting to be photographed.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

We first visited Costa Rica in June 2013 and immediately fell in love with the landscape, the people and the way of life. Pura Vida! This is where our photography was first challenged and our love of nature and specifically forest photography began to bloom.


Every trip to Costa Rica is a trips of a lifetime.


Delos, Greece

We visited the uninhabited island of Delos as a half day excursion while staying on Mykonos, Greece in October 2018. We spent every single minute in absolute awe of this island of ruins, walking through abandoned streets and climbing to the ruined temples.


A true unique experience. We could have easily spend days exploring and attempting to capture the beauty of Delos.


London, England

We visited England as a stopover vacation on our way home from Greece, in October 2018. With only a few days on our hands, we visited our favourite spots around London and spent a few fantastic hours in awe of the ruins of Stonehenge.

We arrived late in the evening and took full advantage of the chance to focus on our night photography.


Quito, Ecuador

We visited Quito in February 2017, both before after our unique Galapagos Island adventure. Quito is rich in history, culture, is the closest capital city to the equator and the second highest in the world. It was an unexpected trip of a lifetime.

The altitude proved sometimes challenging, but the opportunity to photograph such breathtaking views made it worth the climb.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica

On our third visit to Costa Rica, we ventured off the beaten path and hiked through a dense cloud forest in the Monteverde province, a unique travel experience


We emerged hours later with thousands of photos, utterly exhausted but blissfully happy for the experience.


Vienna, Austria

We visited Vienna for only a few hours, as a stopover vacation on our way home from Mauritius in February 2019. We created a small walking photography tour of the major sites in the city center, but made time to sample the delicious coffee and Sachertorte before we had to leave. A unique and delicious experience

Naxos, Greece

We visited the island of Naxos on the fourth leg of our Greek adventure in October 2018. We immediately were drawn to its quiet beauty and spectacular viewpoints. The ruins scattered throughout the islands are impressive, but pale in comparison to the natural landscape.

We shared some of the most unique experiences in Naxos.


Santorini, Greece

Our Greek island-hopping adventure in October 2018 ended on the island of Thera (Santorini). In true luxury travel style, we stayed in a cave hotel in the infamous city of Oia and marveled every evening at the sunsets.


The unique landscape and architecture made for spectacular photography. An absolute trip of a lifetime.



We visited Nicaragua as an excursion when staying in Costa Rica in June 2015. We had the unique travel experience to visit multiple volcano sites, as well as spend time in the picturesque city of Granada.

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