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A Room with a View: An Honest Review of the Luxury Cyano Suites in Naxos, Greece

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Naxos wasn't on our our original itinerary for our trip of a lifetime in Greece, but through a happy travel accident, it was added at the last minute and became one of the most unique, luxurious and memorable visits we had in Greece.

Naxos, Greece
Naxos, Greece

Our Greek trip of a lifetime originally only included visits to Athens, Mykonos, Delos and Santorini, but we had such difficulty finding a hotel we liked in Mykonos, that we had almost given up on the idea, but we really wanted to visit the nearby island of Delos. We began researching nearby islands to Mykonos, and the first Greek island that appeared in our research was Naxos. We immediately fell in love with Naxos and decided we had to find a way to squeeze a visit into our itinerary.

There is no shortage of luxurious accommodations available on Naxos, but, in our humble opinions, we found the absolute best.  Cyano Suites offers four luxurious room types located directly on the beach, in the heart of the downtown core, but just off the beaten path on a quiet street.

Naxos Cyano Suites is located in a multi-floor apartment complex, directly on the beach. All suites are stylistically and simplistically decorate in white stone and bamboo accents. The décor is simple and clean yet elegant and luxurious. As an added bonus, all suites have free WIFI.

The Junior Suites are on the main level, with large bed, deep soaking tub and a walkout onto the beach. Also on the lower level is the Grand Suite with Jacuzzi, which is almost double the size of the Junior Suite, with indoor jacuzzi tub, separate shower and walkout onto the beach. The Grand Suite is just slightly smaller and located one floor up, with two balconies, unique shower and full beach views.

View of the Temple of Apollo from Cyano Suites, Naxos, Greece
View of the Temple of Apollo from Cyano Suites, Naxos, Greece

We opted for the Premium Suite (also knowns as the Honeymoon Suite), which is essentially a grand apartment on the uppermost level. with an unobstructed view of the water and the magnificent Temple of Apollo. The Premium Suite included three separate balconies, two bathrooms, two showers, two separate sitting rooms, and a huge indoor jacuzzi tub, plus a mini-fridge with beverages and coffee maker.

Upon booking, we contacted Naxos Cyano Suites to let them know that we would be arriving in the morning by ferry (from Mykonos) and inquired whether our bags could be held if the Premium Suite was not yet ready. The lovely Michalis from Cyano Suites let us know he would be meeting us at the Naxos port. Cyano Suites offers a free shuttle service with their bookings.

Click below to scroll through photos inside the Premium Suite at Cyano Suites:

We took the ferry from Mykonos to Naxos Port, opting for Club Class seating, for the extra room and comfort.

The ferry was smooth and the operators are very efficient at moving everyone along and off the boat at port. Once we landed at the Naxos port, we quickly maneuvered our way away from the crowd of people exiting the ferry. We then searched among the vehicles parked nearby and found the pre-arranged pick-up from our booked hotel, Cyano Suites, waiting for us.


TIP: Not only are there different class seats and pricing on each ferry, but there are multiple ferry options for the same Greek island locations, some being faster than others. If you are flexible with your departure times and dates, you can research the available options and select the speed and class that works best for your itinerary and budget.


Michalis picked us and our bags up in the free shuttle, a mini-van branded with their sister hotel, Hotel Adriani. He drove us the few minutes from port to the Cyano Suites complex and helped us with our bags up to the Prestige Suite. Note: access to the upper suites is via a wide staircase. It is not difficult, but if you are concerned about bags or have mobility issues, opt for the lower level suites.

After giving us a quick tour of the Prestige Suite, Michalis escorted us down the street to the sister hotel, Hotel Adriani, where we officially checked in and enjoyed a pastry and coffee. Even with all the fabulous amenities, the booking at Cyano Suites included daily breakfast, served at the sister location, Hotel Adriani. Each morning we would have coffee in our suite, enjoying the view from the balcony, then after getting ready for the day, stroll over to Hotel Adriani from breakfast.

The breakfasts were simple, but rich and decadent, all lovingly homemade and presented in a small buffet room at the sister location, Hotel Adriani.  As soon as the breakfast dish was ready, the savory quiche or fruit tart or (God help us) the hot and fresh Tiropita, it would be walked across the street from (we assume) their family home and placed in the breakfast buffet. The available foods included fresh fruits, drinks, coffee and vegetarian options.


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


Rotonda Restaurant, Naxos, Greece
Rotonda Restaurant, Naxos, Greece

There are many interesting sites to see on the Greek island of Naxos. Most tourists, we found, visiting Naxos, with an interest in seeing more than the main city (Chora), either rent a car or book a guide. The Naxos countryside is beautiful and seemed very drivable, with wide roads and open spaces, but for this visit, we preferred to book a guide. After some research, we found a “local” who was actually an expat from France living in Naxos, Nicolas Lagiere.

LUXURY TRAVEL TIP: Looking for a private, luxurious visit to Naxos? Book this full-day private historical tour, which include food and wine tastings in local Naxos villages.

On day one, while we finished our first coffee an pastry at Hotel Adriani, Nicolas arrived to meet us. Along with his beautiful husky puppy, we explored Naxos, visiting The Temple of Demeter, the village of Chalki, and the marble village of Apeiranthos, including a decadent stop at Rotonda Restaurant (where we had the absolute best meal). To learn more about our experience at Rotonda Restaurant, read: Solitary Perfection: An Honest Review of Rotonda, one of the Best Restaurants in Naxos, Greece.

That night, after we watched the sun finally set behind the Temple of Apollo, we soaked in our jacuzzi tub and reminisced on the days activities. The jacuzzi tub is very large and can easily fit two people, but does take some time to fill up completely.

Jacuzzi tub, Cyano Suites, Naxos, Greece
Jacuzzi tub, Cyano Suites, Naxos, Greece

After Nicolas had dropped us off at Cyano Suites, he asked what our plans were for the next day and recommended that we climb up to the small church that was built into the nearby mountain face. The church, he explained, was unique and the view spectacular. Why not?

After a delicious breakfast the next day, we headed up the mountain. There were few signs to direct you to the Theologaki Chapel, just one main road to climb and follow. Near the top, the paved roadway seemed to come to an abrupt end and the only way to the steps of the church appeared to be over a steep rocky hill.

Theologaki Chapel, Naxos, Greece
Theologaki Chapel, Naxos, Greece

That climb over the grass and rocks would not have been too difficult, had it not been for the intense wind. Stepping off of the road and onto the grass, we stepped directly into a wind tunnel. We braced ourselves onto the low rocks for fear of losing our balance.

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Looking for something unique to explore while in Naxos? Why not follow a bike trail into the picturesque hills to a hidden ghost town! This west coast mountain bike tour includes pick-up and allows stops for swimming and exploring.

There were some frightening moments, but we made it and the spectacular view made the trek worth it. Back on the main street, we headed towards the Temple of Apollo and admired the huge doorway (Portara). From there, we explored the nearby Kastro (and got lost within its winding roads).

After exploring the nearby shops and walking along the waterfront, we headed back towards Cyano Suites for a late lunch. In our pre-trip research we had discovered a small family run taverna just a stones throw away from Cyano Suites named Plinthos Restaurant. 

We stuffed ourselves with Greek Salad and feta cheese, tzatziki, pita and spanakopita before heading back to the Temple of Apollo in time to watch the sun set within the doorway.

The ruins of the Temple of Apollo are impressive to say the least, The doorway (Portara) is enormous and virtually all that remains of the unfinished temple. Each slab of the huge doorway is comprised of twenty tons of marble. Impressive is an understatement.

The Temple of Apollo, Naxos, Greece

Resembling an ancient picture frame, the doorway stands alone perched on a hill, framing the city and has become a symbol for Naxos. Visiting the Temple of Apollo is free and accessible to anyone staying within the center of town on Naxos.


TIP: It is a popular activity to visit the Temple of Apollo at sunset, mainly to attempt to capture the setting sun within the frame of the doorway. Arrive early to find your position, capture the photo and then step aside so others can do the same.


Cyano Suites offered us the perfect balance of luxury and small town hospitality, we would highly recommend them to anyone visiting Naxos. When we return, we have every intention of staying at Cyano Suites and enjoying the luxury accommodations, the location, the service (and the food!).


Cyano Suites, Naxos, Greece

Overall Ranking - 4/5

Cyano Suites in Naxos, Greece was just lovely.

The location on the quiet beach is enough to attract your attention, but the luxury accommodations, the free services and the spectacular views of the Temple of Apollo will most certainly keep you intrigued. Cyano Suites is perfect for a luxurious short stay or a extended visit to Naxos. Be sure you're able to climb the stairs, or opt for a lower level suite, directly on the beach.

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