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Where to Stay When in Athens: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Athens, Greece

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Athens is a beautiful, walkable city, with unbelievable food, impressive ruins and historical sites around every corner, an absolute trip of a lifetime for many. The unique sites, sounds and experiences available to you as a visitor in Greece are seemingly endless, as are the accommodation options, so how do you find the perfect accommodation for you? This is a guide to finding the perfect accommodation in Athens, Greece.

View of Athens from atop the Acropolis, Athens, Greece
View of Athens from atop the Acropolis, Athens, Greece


NB (June 2024): Greece is yet again experiencing a record-setting heat wave, with many reports of tourists fainting. As a result, access to The Acropolis has been shut between 12pm-5pm, the hottest time of the day. The nearby Acropolis Museum remains open.

Many other archeological sites have been shut as well. Be sure to check the official sites for daily updates prior to visiting. Stay hydrated and wear breathable cottons and linens.


There are a multitude of beautiful and convenient accommodations in Athens, where you choose to stay in Athens will depend mainly on:

  • The sites of Athens you plan on visiting,

  • You're overall budget and level of luxury you're like to experience, and

  • How long you plan to stay and explore.

Where to Stay in Athens: Choose a Central Location Close to the Main Sites

Our time in Athens was brief, more than a stopover vacation, but not long enough to plan excursions outside the city center, so we planned to stay within the city limits and visit most sites of Athens on foot.

If your time in Athens is brief (1-4 days), plan on staying within the city limits and select an accommodation in Athens that is centrally located.

Athens is a very walkable and easy to navigate city, and the city center is filled with ancient ruins and historical sites, all within a reasonable walkable distance from each other.

Free download one day walking itinerary for Athens Greece

Like most European cities, Athens is very walkable and (we think) best explored wandering the streets from one historic site and infamous district to the next, sampling the cuisine and taking in the culture along the way.

We researched and plotted the sites of Athens that we planned on visiting, creating our own one day walking itinerary for Athens. 

You can follow in our footsteps, by downloading this free one-day walking tour, which can easily be split over a number of days, but if you prefer to have someone guide you to all the sites of Athens, you can opt to be guided by a local for a minimal cost.

If you'd like to plan your own walking itinerary, you can review our points of interest by reading: Walking Athens: The Best Way to see the 12 Lesser Known Sites of Athens, Greece. However you choose to explore Athens, to truly experience the culture, it is best explored on foot, so selecting a centrally located accommodation is essential.

Centrally Located Accommodation Options in Athens, Greece:

Before finalizing details, we asked ourselves where we should stay while in Athens, and ultimately, because of the walking itinerary we created, we booked a hotel with a central location. While in Athens, we stayed at the Athens Gate Hotel, which boasts a perfectly central location, and honestly some of the best views in the city. This was the perfect accommodation in Athens for us and serves as the starting point for our walking itinerary.

Click here to read a detailed review and rating of our stay at the Athens Gate Hotel.

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece
Temple of Olympian Zeus from Athens Gate Hotel, Athens, Greece

The room at The Athens Gate Hotel was simple, tastefully decorated and spacious, exactly what we wanted and needed. The shining star, hands down, was the view from the balcony; we had an unobstructed view of the huge Temple of Olympian Zeus, one of the largest temples in the ancient world.

Pictures cannot express how large and looming the pillars of the Temple of Olympian Zeus are in person. It was beyond breathtaking to wake up to this view every morning. Even at night, the temple is illuminated and spectacular. See below video of the view from our balcony at The Athens gate Hotel.

In addition to a central location and a room with a view, the Athens Gate Hotel has one of the best views in the city from its restaurant. The Athens Gate Rooftop Restaurant, with its outdoor terrace and ceiling to floor glass windows had an impressive view of the Acropolis and Parthenon.

We took nothing to chance and contacted the restaurant in advance, reserving a specific outdoor table for all nights of our stay, so that we could enjoy the spectacular view with our meal. Ironically, we visited in October during low season and often found ourselves the only patrons eating outside, even though the temperature was mild and pleasant.

Interactive Map of Hotels and Points of Interest in Athens, Greece:

Click on any hotel or rental property for more information.

All points of interest and recommended accommodations are highlighted.

Another centrally located option for where to stay when in Athens with spectacular views is The Electra Metropolis. This hotel also boasts stunning views of the Acropolis and an extravagant rooftop pool. It is very close to Syntagma Square, The Hellenic Parliament and The Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Athens (also known as Holy Metropolitan Church of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary).

The rooms are of similar size and design of the Athens Gate Hotel, as is the rooftop restaurant, which has both indoor and outdoor seating with stunning views of the Acropolis. The hotel also boasts a highly rated wellness spa, which includes a sauna, Turkish bath and massage rooms. This may come in handy after a long day of walking. Nothing beats a massage after a long day, we definitely needed it.

Beautiful detail on the Cathedral Church of Athens, Athens, Greece
Beautiful detail on the Cathedral Church of Athens, Athens, Greece

The overall feel and deign of The Electra Metropolis Athens is upscale and luxurious. Simple lines and muted colours, but with a flare of elegance and those extra touches of luxury. If you're looking for a centrally located hotel but also want to be pampered in elegance, The Electra Metropolis Athens Hotel may be the perfect accommodation in Athens for you.


TIP: When possible, pre-book an airport pick-up. Arranging in advance allows you to research options, prices and reviews, rather than having to quickly choose from the cabs available when you arrive. This also creates a paper trail for those who are super cautious in a foreign country. No need to be overly suspicious in Greece , but always good to be safe and plan ahead.


Where to Stay in Athens: Choose an Accommodation that fits your Budget

No matter how long we plan on staying in any given location, we opt for accommodation that is, in some way, luxurious, to make it a trip of a lifetime. What that means to you, is entirely your choice and aligned with your level of comfort and budget. 

To make it luxurious without breaking the bank, look for accommodations that include perks, like free breakfast, access to a spa/pool, beautiful views from a room balcony, more interior space, luxurious bathrooms, etc.

Athens is a great city that welcomes thousands of tourists each season, with a large number of accommodations available, it is easy to find hotels that offer extras (and deals) to entice you to book with them.

Luxurious and Budget Accommodation Options in Athens, Greece:

If vising the Acropolis and/or the Acropolis Museum is your main focus while in Athens, and you are drawn to old world charm, The Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel may be your best option for a centrally located accommodation in Athens. Recently renovated, the classical building has a limited number of very large, tastefully decorated and charming rooms, with high ceilings.

Decorated in traditional styles, the large rooms include a fridge and safe, and with its classic décor, will transport you back to an earlier time.

Acropolis complete guide

The Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel also offers a large buffet breakfast to ready you for your full day of exploring Athens. Oozing with old world charm, the Acropolis Boutique Hotel's best feature, other than it's helpful staff, is that it is just steps away from the sites of the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and The Plaka district.

It is always best to visit the Acropolis early in the morning to avoid both the crowd and the heat of the day (if visiting in the summer). If the Acropolis is your main attraction while visiting Athens, choosing a hotel close to the Acropolis would be the perfect accommodation in Athens.

If you're looking for a unique stay with the convenience of a great location, the Acropolis Boutique Hotel may be for you. If you're looking for a complete guide and review to visiting the Acropolis, you can learn more on our detailed review and guide: Climbing the Acropolis of Athens: A Travelogue and Guide. 


NB (December 2023): Greece announced that they will be offering 2-hour absolutely private guided tours of Acropolis Hill, beginning on April 1, 2024. Each small group will be a max of 4 people and will be offered souvenirs. The tour will be offered during the summer months at sunrise (7-9am) or sunset (8-10pm), with a maximum of 5 groups.


The Theatre of Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Acropolis, Athens, Greece
The Theatre of Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Acropolis, Athens, Greece

If you're looking for space, proximity and luxury without breaking the bank, The Athens Version Luxury Suites Hotel is a wonderful accommodation option in Athens, Greece. Though it may not be considered by some to be a typical budget hotel, at more than half the cost of the Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel, it also boasts large comfortable, unique designed rooms in a central location.

Conveniently located near the Ancient Agora of Athens, The Athens Version Luxury Suites is surrounded by shops, restaurants and sites, just a few minute walk to Monastiraki Square. Along with spacious rooms, the small hotel provides breakfast (for a fee), bike rentals and an airport shuttle (also for a fee), but some rooms do come equipped with a full kitchen. There is also a wonderful rooftop terrace with views of the city.

The Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece
The Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece

Prior to arriving in Athens, we mapped out the area and chose a walking route that would allow us to visit as many historical sites and ruins as possible on our walk around the city. Having purchased the Athens Combo Ticket, we made sure to incorporate the sites that were included in the purchase of that ticket, namely: The Ancient Agora of Athens, Hadrian's Library, and The Roman Agora, all of which are located near The Athens Versions Suites Hotel.

If the proximity to these ancient sites, shops, restaurants is important to you, along with a luxurious room to rest after exploring Athens, but you don't want to stay within budget, The Athens Versions Suites Hotel may be the perfect accommodation in Athens for you.


NB (December 2023): Greece announced that for the first time in 5 years, the ticket prices for the archeological sites will be revised and the combo ticket eliminated, beginning April 1, 2025. Archeological sites will be slotted into 5 different categories, with the ticket prices for each ranging from $5-20 Euros, the Acropolis remaining in its own category, with a ticket price of $30 Euros.


Looking for something different, maybe a little off the beaten path? The Grecotel Pallas Athena Boutique Hotel, like a work of art, is something to be admired. An "art boutique hotel", The Grecotel Pallas Athena is the ultimate in artistic luxury. Close to the Omonia Square and Station, the hotel is uniquely decorated with vibrant colours and artistic impressions, both in and outside of the rooms/suites.

The rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated, but with a unique artists touch. The all-day restaurant boasts a modern and cozy atmosphere with a view overlooking Kotzia square, next to the Athens City Hall. Centrally located with an artistic twist, this boutique hotel is modern, comfortable and inspirational. The infamous Monastiraki Square, with its shops and flea markets, is a mere 10 minute walk away. If you are looking for something luxurious and unique, the Grecotel Pallas Athena maybe the perfect accommodation in Athens for you.

LUXURY TRAVEL TIP: Located on the top floor, the stunning Loft Suites of The Grecotel Pallas Athena Boutique Hotel, give the sense of owning a privileged Athenian apartment. The large square footage of the suites, some with multiple rooms, have beautiful views of the city that are enjoyed from the spacious balcony.


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece
Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece

Where to Stay in Athens: Choose an Accommodation that Meets your Needs

If your stay in Athens is short, perhaps closer to a stopover vacation, you're best to find accommodation that is easiest and closest to transportation in and out of the city center.

If your stay in Athens is very short (1 night), and you need easy access to the trains/busses back to the airport, it's best to choose an accommodation in Athens that offers an airport shuttle or is closer to transportation.

The Athens Metro line is a great way to navigate the city center, especially if you plan on staying a little further outside the city, which connects to the main train line and the airport. If your budget allows, the most convenient way in and out of the city is to arrange an airport pickup.

We had arranged for a pick-up through Welcome Pick-Ups. They assigned a local driver to us before the trip began, and provided us with her details, including her name, photo and contact number on WhatsApp. This was especially important after our flight was delayed and we landed in Athens in the wee hours of the morning. Having pre-booked a pick up from the Athens airport and having their contact information was very convenient to update them on our status and ensure they would be there when we (finally) landed.

Easy Access Accommodation Options in Athens, Greece:

Located a mere 10 minute walk from Larissa Station (the main train station), stands The Stanley Hotel. With direct access to the Athens International Airport, Larissa Station is the main hub that is connected to the Athens city subway. This unique and upscale hotel boasts reasonably priced, large rooms, with all the amenities you could need for a short stay in Athens, including a rooftop pool, restaurants and bars.

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: At The Stanley Hotel, guests can enjoy a cocktail, juice or coffee at the unique Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar, which with its unique position and all glass barrier, offers a 360° view over Athens.

Guests can relax on the unique rooftop terrace, located at the pool, which features views of the Acropolis. At first glance, it may seem distance from the main attractions in Athens, but The Stanley Hotel is a mere 5 minute metro ride to the heart of the city, and the Acropolis. Spend your day exploring the city center of Athens on foot, then simply hop on the metro line and back to your hotel, where you have easy access to the train station and airport. If this transportation convenience is what you're looking for, The Stanley Hotel may be the perfect accommodation in Athens for you.

No matter where you decide to stay or what your plans are when in Athens, you're sure to be amazed by the diversity of cultural, historical and gastronomical experiences waiting for you. We loved our time in the ancient city and dream of returning, reliving our trip of a lifetime, walking among the ancient (and modern) Athenians once again.

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