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Perfect Location and Spectacular Views: An Honest Review of The Athens Gate Hotel in Athens, Greece

Updated: Apr 26

Visiting Athens was a dream come true, a definite trip of a lifetime.

Born out of a chaotic and stressful period in our lives, we reminisce about the ancient city often, hoping to return one day soon. This is our honest review of the Athens Gate Hotel, in Athens, Greece.

View of the Temple of Olympian Zeus from inside Athens Gate Hotel, Athens, Greece
View of the Temple of Olympian Zeus from inside Athens Gate Hotel, Athens, Greece

While researching, we quickly compiled a long list of historical sites and ancient ruins we were determined to visit, long before we even considered the best hotel to book while in Athens. As a large metropolis city that sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, there is no lack of choice for accommodation, but selecting the right one for you may prove difficult. We lean toward luxury travel stays and unique experiences when we travel, and especially when choosing accommodation.

If you'd like to dive deeper into other unique accommodations available in Athens, click here to read Where to Stay When in Athens: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Greece.

Though there are many phenomenal sites to see and unique areas to explore outside of the Athens city center, we decided to keep our explorations to within the walkable city limits. We selected a hotel that made everything in Athens easily accessible.

During our time in Athens, Greece, we stayed at the Athens Gate Hotel, which boasts a perfectly central location, and one of the best views in the city. We read many positive Athens Gate Hotel reviews prior to booking, so we were very hopeful that our stay would meet all our expectations, and it did not disappoint.

View of the Temple of Olympian Zeus from the balcony of the Athens Gate Hotel, Athens, Greece
View of the Temple of Olympian Zeus from the balcony of the Athens Gate Hotel, Athens, Greece

We pre-booked an airport pick-up with a local company, Welcome Pick-ups, which came in very handy after our plane was delayed and we landed in Athens in the wee hours of the morning. Even though it was much later then expected, the driver kept in communication with us and ensured we arrived at the Athens Gate Hotel safety.


TIP: When possible, pre-book an airport pick-up. Arranging a pick-up in advance allows you to research options, prices, and reviews, rather than having to quickly choose from the taxis available when you arrive at the airport (or train station). This also creates a paper trail for those who are super cautious in a foreign country. No need to be overly suspicious in Greece, it is perfectly safe, even for the solo traveller, but it's always good to be cautious and plan ahead.


The lobby of The Athens Gate Hotel is spacious and tastefully decorated, with simple modern lines and marble accents. The staff are all friendly and very helpful, we had no issues during our stay.

The Athens Gate Hotel has multiple room options to fit your budget and needs, from the lower-priced budget rooms and standard rooms, to the extravagant executive rooms and suites. We booked a superior room, specifically so we could have a little more space and, more importantly, a room with a view. And what a view it was!

The superior rooms are available with either two twin beds or one queen-sized bed, with a small balcony with an unobstructed view of The Acropolis or The Temple of Olympian Zeus. The bathroom was spacious with a large shower and equipped with luxury eco-friendly olive oil toiletries.

The Athens Gate Hotel, Athens Greece
The Athens Gate Hotel, Athens Greece

No matter which room you choose, all rooms are tastefully decorated in muted modern tones, and the delicious breakfast buffet is included in the price. Each morning, we would enjoy the view at the Athens Gate Rooftop Restaurant, while we enjoyed a variety of hot breakfast items and delicious local pastries, prepping for our day of sightseeing.

Though having a view of the Acropolis from your hotel room balcony would be spectacular, we opted for the view of the huge ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus; one of the largest temples in the ancient world. Though we planned on visiting the site during our stay in Athens (to see the huge columns up close), we could not resist the unique opportunity to view the site from a high vantage point. It was breathtaking.

Click Here for our YouTube playlist, including all videos taken on location in Athens, Greece.


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


LUXURY TRAVEL TIP:  If you can't decide between a room at The Athens Gate Hotel with a view of the Acropolis or The Temple of Olympian Zeus, why not opt for both? Selecting the luxurious suite in The Athens Gate Hotel includes a huge wrap around balcony that provides a view of The Acropolis on one end and The Temple of Olympian Zeus on the other. Luxury stays at its finest!

During your stay in Athens, Greece, make it a trip of a lifetime and visit the Acropolis of Athens. The Athens Gate Hotel is a mere 5 minute walk to the south side entrance to the Acropolis, which is significantly less busy then the main entrance, where all the large tours and busses must enter. 

For more insight into visiting the Acropolis, read Climbing the Acropolis of Athens: A Complete Travelogue and Guide.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is located just across the street from the Athens Gate Hotel, while the Acropoli subway station is a mere 2 minutes away. The Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, the Panathenaic Stadium and Zappeion Gardens are all within a short 10 minutes walking distance from The Athens Gate Hotel, making it a perfectly located hotel for your stay in Athens, especially if you are planning on walking to see the main sites.


If you're looking for sites to visit in and around Athens, above and beyond the Acropolis, check out:


Even if you don't opt for a superior room at The Athens Gate Hotel with a view, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Acropolis from the Athens Gate Rooftop Restaurant. With its phenomenal wraparound outdoor terrace and ceiling to floor glass windows, the rooftop restaurant has an impressive view of the Acropolis and Parthenon. The rooftop restaurant is available for cocktails, delicious elegant dinners (from 7pm) and the traditional Mediterranean breakfast buffet (served between 7am-10:30am daily).

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: For dinner, guests have the option to make a reservation in advance, direct from the Athens Gate Hotel website, even going as far as to reserve a specific table for the best view of the Acropolis (or the Temple of Olympic Zeus). TIP: Table 22 is the best table for a view of the Acropolis.

Night view of the Acropolis from the Athens Gate Rooftop Restaurant, Athens, Greece
Night view of the Acropolis from the Athens Gate Rooftop Restaurant, Athens, Greece

Though we visited at the beginning of the off season (in October) we took nothing to chance and contacted the Athens Gate Rooftop Restaurant before we arrived, reserving a specific outdoor table (22) for all the nights of our stay. Luckily for us, we were in the minority and most opted to dine inside and enjoy the views the Acropolis from behind the full length windows.

We enjoyed the cool October breeze while we sipped wine and dined on delicious Greek dishes, in the shadow of one of the most recognizable ancient temples in the world. Kalinikta Athens, see you again soon.


The Athens Gate Hotel, Athens, Greece

Overall Ranking - 4/5

Centrally located, the Athens Gate Hotel is just minutes walking distance from the most popular ancient sites and visited areas in Athens, Greece. If you're looking for a reasonably priced accommodation, perfectly located in the heart of Athens, with comfortable rooms, delicious menus and spectacular views, the Athens Gate Hotel may be perfect hotel for your stay. Trust us, opt for the view of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, you won't regret it.

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