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A Gem Accommodation in the Heart of Naples, Italy: An Honest Review of Bourbon House B&B

Updated: May 1

Travelling to Naples, Italy was a built on a dream of exploration and good pizza.

When we were planning out trip of a lifetime to Italy, we new we would have to spend some time exploring the magic that is Naples and taste the infamous Neapolitan pizza. We did so much more.

Sailboats and Surfboards on the Waterfront with Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy
Sailboats and Surfboards on the Waterfront with Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy

Having spent a few days (again) wandering the cobbled streets of Rome, we hopped on a super fast ITALO train that landed us in Naples in just over an hour. We had thankfully arranged for a driver to meet us at the train station and escort us to our Bourbon House B&B; a chaotic, nail-biting 15 minute drive. Having driven in Italy before, we tend to avoid driving within the major city centers, as walking is preferred and taxis and subways are readily available. Navigating Rome can be chaotic, with its small streets littered with cars, pedestrians, motorcycles, and scooters, but Naples is an entirely different level of chaos.

Our fantastic driver dropped off on the side street, in front of the entrance to Bourbon House B&B, which is a huge set of green doors with little signage. Like many places around Naples, Italy, the building where Bourbon House B&B resides is home to a few different businesses, which can sometimes make it difficult to find if you don't know what you're looking for.

Main Entrance with doors closed and at night with small door open. Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy
Main Entrance with doors closed and at night with small door open. Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy

During our stay at Bourbon House B&B, we found that during the day, one of the big green doors is left open but at night, they are locked. You must have a key (which is provided to you when you check in) to open the small door, which is set within the large door. Look for the keyhole on the right door to see the outline of the smaller door within it. It's Adorable, but not accessible if you need assistance, as you must step over.


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Once inside, access to the Bourbon House B&B is either via a large marble staircase, or via an old, and extremely small, elevator that only works with a 10 Euro coin. If you're not a fan of enclosed spaces, you may want to avoid taking the elevator, but if you can manage for a short trip, its easier than lugging the suitcases up the stairs. We had just enough room to squeeze in two adults and two luggage, with little room to breathe. It was very tight, but also very convenient. Walking up the stairs would have been much worse.

Inside the elevator, Bourbon House B&B
Inside the elevator, Bourbon House B&B

The small elevator works on a double door system, the elevator doors and an external door on each level. So, if someone forgets to shut the external door when they have arrived on their floor and exited the elevator, the elevator remains stuck on that level and will not move when called. The alternative is walking up the wide marbled staircase to the third floor, where the reception for Bourbon House B&B is located. Neither the elevator nor the stairwell has good ventilation, so on a hot summer day, it will be hot and taxing (especially if you have bags to carry).

Once we arrived on the third floor, we exited the elevator and found another set of large wooden double doors that lead to the main reception area for Bourbon House B&B. The building itself is old, but beautifully decorated, with great ambiance and attention to detail. The Bourbon House B&B representative at the front desk was very helpful, checking us in quickly, escorting us to our room, explaining how everything worked and showing us where to find anything we might need.

We specifically chose Bourbon House B&B for its location to the waterfront, its proximity to the center of Naples, its complimentary breakfast and its charming rooms. We only found a handful of online Bourbon House B&B guest reviews, but they were positive. Check in is usually after 2pm and we arrived in the morning, but were very lucky that our room was ready and accessible when we arrived.

Suite, Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy
Suite, Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy

When booking our room for Bourbon House B&B, we opted for the stylish suite. It was a very large room with huge king sized bed, with separate sitting area, television, fireplace (for the winter) and air conditioning (for the summer). Beside the bed was located a small hidden storage area for luggage and clothing, there was also a small balcony that overlooked an inner courtyard, which did not have a very pretty view, but was charming nonetheless. At the front entrance was a small desk that held coffee and teas with a kettle.

LUXURY TRAVEL TIP: Looking to extend your luxurious travel to Italy? Book a small group day trip to nearby Sorrento, Positano and the Amalfi Coast, with pick up in Naples.

The bathroom amenities were on a raised platform, a separate room for the bathroom toilet, a separate shower (with great pressure), and in between them in the open, a large mirror and sink. The best feature by far, was the deep soaker tub, located at the edge of the raised platform. The suite was spacious, elegant and chicly designed and very clean. It was fantastic.


TIP: Bathtubs can be hard to come by when it Italy, so opt for a tub when its available. Soaking is a wonderful way to destress and relax (even if its just your feet) after a long day of walking the city .


Suite, Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy
Suite, Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy

After settling into our beautiful suite, though it was hard to pull ourselves away, we freshened up and headed out to explore. Our first stop was the National Archeological Museum of Naples, which is a brisk 40 minute walk from the Bourbon House B&B, including stops for gelato and espresso.

We stopped at Gran Café Gambrinus for espresso (plus one caffé sospesso), and then kept moving along Via Toledo towards the museum. The pedestrian only street is cluttered with tall buildings, shops and small alleyways, it's chaotic but comforting.

Mosaic, Gabinetto Segreto, Naples, Italy
Mosaic, Gabinetto Segreto, Naples, Italy

TIP: If you plan on visiting the National Archeological Museum of Naples during your stay, don't miss the "Secret Room". The Gabinetto Segreto is an exhibit featuring sexually charged paintings and artifacts found amongst the ruins of the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

To learn more about the Gabinetto Segreto in the National Archeological Museum of Naples, read: Hidden Sexuality: The Secret Room in the Naples Archeological Museum.


After a full day of walking and exploring Naples, we headed back in the direction of the Bourbon House B&B, stopping at the delicious Di Matteo Pizzeria for an early dinner. This quickly became our favourite place in Naples for delicious authentic Naples pizza (at inexpensive prices). Tired and stuffed, we stumbled back to Bourbon House B&B to rest and soak in that beautiful tub. The bathtub is a true soaker tub, with enough of a lip to allow us to sit on the edge and soak our swollen legs in cold water.

After the heat of the day, the air conditioning was welcoming, as was the complimentary coffee (and tea) waiting for us in our room.

All clean and rested, we took advantage of the vending machines located near the reception desk for Bourbon House B&B, to purchase a few room snacks before drifting off to bed. The mattress, as is typical throughout Italy, was thin and firm, but comfortable.

Bright and early, we arose and walked down the hall to the spacious kitchen area for the complimentary breakfast provided by Bourbon House B&B. When we first arrived and checked in with the Bourbon House B&B representative, we were asked to fill out a breakfast card, selecting what we wanted to have for breakfast the next morning from an extensive list of options. Most items on the list were included for free (juice, coffee, tea, pastries, toast, etc.) with some extra options that carried an additional charge.

Breakfast Room, Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy
Breakfast Room, Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy

We opted for coffee, croissants, toast and Nutella, which was served to us in the Bourbon House B&B kitchen area by the awaiting breakfast room attendant. The kitchen area was spacious and comfortable, tastefully decorated in the same style as the suite. Since we were staying a second night, the breakfast attendant asked us fill out what we wanted for breakfast the next day as well.

Breakfast at Bourbon House B&B, Naples

We spent the day walking by along the Naples waterfront, which is just a few minutes walk from Bourbon House B&B. The waterfront is absolutely beautiful, long and picturesque, with epic views of Mount Vesuvius in the distance. We planned on hiking up to the crater of Mount Vesuvius the very next day. To read more about hiking Mount Vesuvius in Naples, read: Conquering the Summit: A Guide to Hiking Mount Vesuvius Volcano in Naples, Italy.

Locals in Naples use the waterfront path to stroll and bike, while others descend past the rocks to enjoy a morning dip in the ocean. We wandered around the spectacular Castel dell'Ovo located on the waters edge, before heading to the city center, cluttered with shops, churches and people.


TIP: While exploring the city center of Naples, don't miss the infamous Christmas Street, or Christmas Alley. Located mainly on Via San Gregorio Armeno, dozens of loud and colourful shops that spill out onto the streets, are filled with hand crafted accessories for giant nativity scenes, ornaments and Christmas characters. We were awestruck by the detail and craftsmanship, especially with the moving nativity scenes and the infamous comic statuettes. Christmas Alley is a must visit when in Naples, Italy.


Christmas Street, Naples, Italy
Christmas Street, Naples, Italy

Another nearby attraction in the city center of Naples, and presumably the namesake for the Bourbon House B&B, is Galleria Barbonica (Bourbon Tunnel). It is an extensive underground viaduct, originally built to aid in the protection of the Royal Palace. Completed in 1855, the tunnels now house relics of antique cars, motorbikes and artifacts collected and stored over time.

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Want to experience the dark side of "la bella Napoli"? The Esoteric Naples Tour visits the unique hidden spots and explores the real mysteries with this fascinating city.


TIP: Be sure to research and plan your visit to Galleria Barbonica, as there are set days when access to the tunnels is allowed. We were unable to visit during our stay as it landed on scheduled closed days.


From the beautiful Chiesa del Gesu Nuovo, we stumbled upon the beautifully secret Santa Chiara Monastery and specifically the Majolica Cloister. Modernized in 1742, the magnificent cloister gardens were redesigned and decorated with colourful tiles depicting Naples traditions.

Reluctantly, we headed back to Di Matteo Pizzeria for one last delicious authentic Naples pizza before returning to Bourbon House B&B to relax for the afternoon. The next morning, we enjoyed another delicious breakfast before checking out. Our suite was clean, with fresh towels, linens and coffee. We took full advantage and each had another soak in the glorious tub and rest before one last evening stroll.

The stunning gardens of Santa Chiara Monastery, Naples, Italy
The stunning gardens of Santa Chiara Monastery, Naples, Italy

The next morning, we enjoyed another delicious breakfast in the Bourbon House B&B kitchen before checking out. Unfortunately for us, the elevator was not working when we were set to leave and we were forced to carry our luggage down the big marble steps to the street level. It was not terrible (but not easy) especially in the heat of the day, but much better than having to carry them up the steps.

Luckily for us, an air conditioned car was waiting to take us to our next stop, the beautiful city of Pompei, where we would spend time exploring the archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Naples is a wonder to visit and Bourbon House B&B served as a quiet refuge from the chaos of the city.


Bourbon House B&B, Naples, Italy

Overall Ranking - 3.5/5

Naples is a must see when in Italy.

Though it may be a little difficult to locate the Bourbon House B&B from the street, but it allows some seclusion in the chaos of the city. The small elevator and front entrance make it not very accessible for those who need extra help,, but the rooms are charming, clean and beautifully designed. The breakfasts are delicious and the service is friendly. If you're looking for a unique stay in Naples, Italy, Bourbon House B&B is a true gem accommodation in the heart of the city.

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