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Read what people are saying about us and our book, 20 Travel Tales in 200 Words.

We are so thankful to have received so many wonderful comments and reviews about our book.

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Sarah Camp

Sarah Camp

In Search of Sarah

20 Travel Tales in 200 Words is an inspiring collection of real life tales; some hard to imagine happening yet also entirely relatable.


It's left me feeling inspired to get back out there and create some more memories for myself. Some will make you laugh and others will tug at your heartstrings.


These tales are beautifully put together with gorgeous photos leaving you wistful for new adventures.

Denise Macuk

Denise Macuk

Chef Denise

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading 20 Travel Tales In 200 Words! In fact, it left me wanting more stories (a sequel perhaps?)!


Filled with stunning photography, humor, and even words of wisdom, this book is also a love story. You can feel the love the authors have for each other and their adventures.


Readers will gain some valuable lessons, and are reminded that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise that may or may not turn out for the best--no matter how well prepared we are, or think we are.

Jessie Mills

Jessie Mills
Wonderer & Traveller

The book itself is really well written and right from the heart, it feels so personal and I really felt like I could picture the experiences almost like I was there. Also it can’t be easy writing a travel story in only 200 words but the authors have done a really good job in doing so and making it an immersive and enjoyable read. 


The photographs that separate the stories are all so beautiful and topical to the stories as well, not only is the photography brilliant but they also do a really good job of painting the picture of the adventure itself. It gives the stories more context and also gives the reader the beautiful imagery that goes with the story and I just thought that was brilliant because the story leaves you to your imagination and then you see the photos and it makes it even better!

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Meghan Bethany

Meaghan Bethany

Megbeth Travels

I think what is most valuable from this read, other than the absolutely stunning photography, is that it creates a unique, relaxing and transformative reading experience.


You might be stuck at home, like me, currently reeling from the news of your redundancy at work, and yet 20 Travel Tales is able to transport you to a different space and time, living through someone else’s travel journeys.

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Carol Todd

Carol Todd
Oaks and Magnolias

20 Travel Tales in 200 Words is a travel book with a twist! I love travel books, so when I find a book that has a different take on the usual destination guides, I’m happy to share. That’s why I’m offering a quick review of one I really enjoyed – enough to read it more than once – or twice. 


20 Travel Tales in 200 Words by D. Marino and J. Malley is a travel book with a very personal touch that makes all the difference. If you’ve ever wanted the inside story of someone’s travel adventures – or misadventures – then you’re going to love reading these 200-word accounts of their visits to spots around the world!

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Graham Crosby

Graham Crosby
Middle Age Fan Club

My latest read was ’20 Travel Tales in 200 Words’ and as the title suggests, it’s a book chock full of travel tales that are limited to exactly 200 words each. Quite the challenge, let me assure you. Two hundred words is usually the length of one of my rambling introductions, so I’m already in admiration at the idea of telling entertaining travel tales with such a self imposed restriction.

The writers are two full time broadcast media professionals who love to travel when time allows. They approach every trip as a potential ‘trip of a lifetime’ and this book documents some of their travels using the literary gimmick of a 200 word tale illustrated by some fantastic images for a bit of perspective.

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Congratulations to my friends at @makethemalltripsofalifetime on your first book! The photos are stunning and the stories made me smile (okay, the last one made me cry). This is the closest I’ll get to travelling for a while, so thanks instead for this sitting-on-the-couch-reading of a lifetime.

thesalvatron (via Instagram)

I enjoyed this travel book very much, not only was the photography beautiful but the heartfelt stories made book different and very personal. The author leaves you feeling like you visited the photograph with them and they are able to give a photo life. Impressive work, looking forward to more from them both.

Shoshana Brohman (via Facebook)

Book Review #BookLoungeReviewTeam 

Book: 20 Travel Tales in 200 Words, Author: DMarino, *****5 Stars

This is a Beautiful Photography Book. I loved all the little stories that go along with the photos. From Cuba, Jamaica, Maldives, Greece and more.

Rhonda Lynn Bobbitt (via Facebook)

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