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Merry Pyramid Christmas
  • Merry Pyramid Christmas

    Photo taken by Make Them All Trips of a Lifetime in Cairo, Egypt in 2023

    The pyramid of Khafre is the second largest pyramid of Giza. It serves as the tomb for Pharaoh Khafre, who ruled to 2532 BC. First explored in modern times in 1818, the tomb was entered by found already looted, likely centures before. Today you can follow the tight path to the burial chamber and see the sarcophagus (we did).


    Glossy photo cover on thick stock paper, folded. 4.6" x 7.2".

    Envelope/s and sticker seal/s included.


    Message inside:  Warm Thoughts for a Wonderful Christmas and a New Year that Stands the Test of Time.


    $3.50 per card. Discounts for bundles of 5 or 10.

    Limited availablility, while supplies last.


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