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Luxury in the Wild: An Honest Review of Glamping at Wavefront Teak Tents in Potrero, Costa Rica

Updated: Apr 26

When we discovered our return flight was delayed by a day, we thought we might have to end our luxury Costa Rican adventure sleeping at the airport. Then we found the luxurious Wavefront Teak Tents in Potrero.

View from Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica
View from Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica

Having spent a glorious three weeks at Playa Grande House, right on the beach, then a few luxurious nights at Monteverde House, (where we secretly eloped while on a cloud forest hike), we were looking for something unique to end our Costa Rican adventure. Glamping in Costa Rica seemed like the perfect unique experience to try, even if only for a few nights.

Owned originally by a mother-daughter team, Wavefront Tents have two oversized tents available for rent, one fully decorated in bamboo on a lower level, and one fully decked out with teak on a higher level. Both tents are roughly the same size, but for us, the teak tent, with it's sleek design and phenomenal view, was much more luxurious, and did not disappoint.

From beginning to end, our experience with our Wavefront Teak Tent was both unique and luxurious. It had elements of "roughing it" (an open/shared space, canvas walls of a tent, surrounded by nature), with all the comforts of a glamorous hotel (luxe amenities, gold features, plush bedding). A true glamping in Costa Rica experience.

Glamping in Costa Rica: How to Get to Wavefront Teak Tents

Wavefront tents are located in the charming beach town of Potrero, approximately 45m drive from Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (Liberia), 40m drive from Tamarindo, 35m drive from Coco Beach.

Playa Penca at sunset, Potrero, Costa Rica
Playa Penca at sunset, Potrero, Costa Rica


TIP: Google maps is somewhat unreliable in Costa Rica and we found using Waze a much more efficient way to find our way around, as most streets do not have signage. It is also a good way to find nearby gas stations.


If you're not driving, there is an extremely inexpensive shuttle from the Liberia airport that goes direct to Potrero, it takes 1 hour and costs only $1 USD. This is offered by Tropical Tours but runs only once daily, so be sure to check the times before booking. Otherwise, a taxi will cost approximately $50 USD and take about the same amount of time.

If you don't plan on renting a car, and don't want to rely on a taxi or shuttle, we recommend researching local guides to arrange a private service to pick you up from the airport, which will likely cost less and be more reliable than hiring a taxi day of from the airport. Also keep in mind if taking the bus or a shuttle, that you will need to carry your bags from the drop off point to your hotel or glamping site.

We have booked multiple excursions and hired pick-ups/drop-offs with Alex on the Beach, who is friendly, reasonable and flexible.

Glamping in Costa Rica: What to Expect at Wavefront Teak Tents:

We had rented a car for the duration of our trip and travelled from Playa Grande to Potrero, which took approximately 50 min. When we arrived at the glamping location, we were greeted at the large black gate and let onto the property, where we parked (for free) and unloaded our bags. The host, Chelsey, met us and showed us up the ramp and steps to our luxurious glamping tent.

Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica
Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica

At first look, the tent reminded us of a static tent in an African safari more than glamping in Costa Rica, with its olive canvas, rollaway windows, weathered decking and hanging lanterns.


NB: The ramp is narrow and steep. If you (like us) had many heavy bags, it can be cumbersome to carry them up to your glamping tent. Best to pack lightly or pack an essentials bag to carry with you. At night, the ramp and tent area is well lit and easy to navigate.


The tent itself is a very large, two-room canvas tent set upon a wooden platform with deck. Double teak doors open up to a spacious bedroom with king-size bed, built-in teak cabinets (which also help separate the rooms), desk space and comfy sitting area. Beach towels are provided, along with soft cotton robes. The bed linens were soft and comfortable, the lamps, fans and chandeliers, all high-end and golden.

Inside Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica
Inside Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica

Beyond the cabinets, is the open concept bathroom, with double sink teak vanity, unique golden shower with open floorboard and toilet hidden behind a teak panel. The fixtures are all golden and luxurious, the provided products all high quality. We were extremely impressed with the level of luxury and comfort.

Bathroom area inside the Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica
Bathroom area inside the Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica

The shower is tucked into a corner and the panels directly underneath have holes to allow the water to fall through, but depending on the water pressure and your movements, water will spray along the floor surrounding the shower, so have towels at the ready. Plenty of towels are provided for you.


NB: The toilet is "private" when sitting, hidden behind the teak panel, but obviously it is accessible and the sounds are not muffled behind a door, so couples must be comfortable and abide by, what we call "Costa Rican rules": we do not speak of anything heard when one is in the bathroom.


Shower area inside Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica
Shower inside Wavefront Teak Tent, Potrero, Costa Rica

Outdoors on the deck, there are comfortable loungers and chairs on one end, facing the forest and a corner deck that overlooks the driveway, the trees and the beach in the distance. This view is spectacular, especially in the morning sun with a cup of coffee in hand (also provided free of charge in the room). The foliage that surround both tents allow for privacy and seclusion.


NB: Chelsey lives in the house located at the top of the hill and has a few large (and beautiful) dogs, who are very friendly. One morning, they greeted us on the deck and kept us company while we enjoyed our morning coffee. Animals make us very happy, but if being greeted by large happy dogs is not your thing, be weary.


As a wedding gift, Chelsea provided us with a bottle of champagne, chilling in the mini fridge installed in one of the teak built-in cabinets. She also offered to provide breakfast from a local restaurant (for a fee), which she ordered, pick up and delivered to us in our tent the next morning.

Relaxing on the deck with the dogs, Potrero, Costa Rica
Relaxing on the deck with the dogs, Potrero, Costa Rica


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


Glamping in Costa Rica: Things to do Near Wavefront Teak Tents:

We were provided with a key to the tent and fob, which opened the front gate, so we could come and go as we pleased. After breakfast the next morning, we left our beautiful Wavefront Teak Tent and made our way down to the driveway and walked out onto the street. A few feet down from the main gate, is a pathway to both Playa Penca and Playa Prieta.

Playa Prieta, Potrero, Costa Rica
Playa Prieta, Potrero, Costa Rica

Both beaches are beautiful and spacious, but personally we preferred Playa Penca. The sunsets were phenomenal. We spent our days lounging in the shade of the nearby trees, or cooling off in the calm waters. The beauty of that beach is that it is located in a bit of a cove and few waves reach the shore. If you like to float or are not a strong swimmer, this beach is right for you.

In the evening, we walked in the opposite direction of the beach, down the small hill, into the center of town. Potrero is a small and charming beach town where many expats have settled among the locals. There is a small cluster of unique shops and restaurants, including a lively pizzeria, a gelato shop and many restaurants that focus on local cuisine.

We dined at Sol y Mar (now called Lorito Restaurante), the first night and La Pizzetteria Da Oreste the second night, finishing off the meal with a scoop of gelato. Everything was delicious. Sufficiently full and satisfied, we happily walked back to our Wavefront Teak Tent, without fear or reservation. Potrero is safe and comfortable.


Wavefront Teak Tents, Potrero, Costa Rica

Overall Ranking - 4/5

Glamping in Costa Rica is definitely a unique experience.

These glamping tents are perfect for a romantic stay, a single Costa Rican adventure or for friends (who have no problem with the open bathroom situation. The location is serene, the view is spectacular and the host is wonderful. If you're looking for a unique and luxurious experience, Wavefront glamping tents may be exactly what you're looking for.

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I love glamping!! This looks fantastic, the teak is beautiful

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D Marino
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It really was so glamorous and comfortable!

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