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Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, Cancun, Mexico: An Honest Review of A Luxurious Couples Resort Getaway

Updated: Apr 26

Who hasn't dreamed of secretly running away for a long weekend by the beach?

Overwhelmed by work, late one summer, we did just that. A last minute flight and a secret long-weekend getaway to relax on a beach in Mexico. This is our honest review of our luxurious getaway to Beloved Playa Mujeres couples resort in Cancun, Mexico.

The main pool area, Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, Cancun, Mexico
The main pool area, Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, Cancun, Mexico

We decided to take advantage of a long holiday weekend and secretly fly to a secluded beach in Cancun, Mexico. We were looking for a unique getaway, privacy and, of course, a little luxury. After some research and reading countless reviews, we booked the boutique Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, a unique and luxurious adults-only resort located on a white sand beach in Cancun, Mexico. Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort is a couples-only resort that catered to those looking for a little romance and a lot of privacy.

Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort Review: What to Expect when you Arrive:

Located in Cancun, Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort is far from the ordinary and what you'd typically expect from an adults-only, all-inclusive resort. Upon arrival at the Cancun International Airport, we were greeted with a private airport transfer direct to our resort. After a 30 minute drive, our airport transfer was stopped by the Beloved Playa Mujeres security team before entering the front gate, so he could present the names of the passengers (and they could be checked) prior to security lifting the velvet rope and letting the car drive to the front entrance. Never before had we experienced security at this level from a tropical resort.

All checked and cleared, waiting for us to emerge from the vehicle, Beloved Playa Mujeres resort staff stood with champagne glasses and big smiles. We were quickly escorted inside, where we relaxed in the comfortable reception area, as the concierge handled the preliminary check in on her own.

This was no typical reception entrance.

No long front desk, no line up of guests waiting to speak to someone holding their bags. The Beloved Playa Mujeres "reception" area was filled mainly with large, comfy couches. We sat in the corner by the window, lounging in this luxurious living room, and sipped our champagne and until the concierge called us over. In place of a typical front reception desk, there were individual booths

We exchanged the couch for comfortable chairs in a large booth, sitting across from the hotel representative. Having checked us in, she handed us our key cards, took a quick photo and then quickly escorted us to our room. Our bags would be ready and waiting for us when we arrived. Along the way, the friendly concierge pointed out all the areas of interest and informed us of the many fabulous amenities available at Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort. This was a welcome and check-in like no other we had ever experienced.

Beloved Playa Mujeres is a pristine resort, tastefully decorated in a minimalist design with muted colours. The simple yet luxurious elegant use of white stone and natural colours, beautifully complimented the architectural design, made specifically for maximum privacy.

The private suites were scattered on the property between clusters of muted vegetation. A neighbourhood design rather than a typical resort. Nestled on a white sandy beach between neighbouring resorts, Beloved Playa Mujeres felt secluded and peaceful.

Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort Review: What to Expect from the Room:

Celebrating an anniversary, and having let the resort know before we arrived, we were surprised by a tasteful sheer "Happy Anniversary" banner displayed across our door and with a decedent chocolate cake slice and chilled bottle of champagne in our room.

Anniversary Cake, Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort
Anniversary Cake, Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort


TIP: When visiting a resort (even if you have booked through a third party travel agent or website) be sure to contact the resort directly and let them know if you will be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or anything special.

We usually introduce ourselves, let them know out preferences with regards to the floor, the room, the view, and say something generic and open-ended, such as "anything you can do to make this trip extra special would be greatly appreciated". Most hotels and resorts welcome the opportunity to shine and provide decorations, champagne and sweet treats, free of charge.


Our oversized suite was equipped with not only a large bed and huge bathroom, but a walk-in closet, a separate living area with a fully stocked separate standing bar and a huge balcony with beautiful indoor/outdoor round jacuzzi tub. Tucked behind the bar, adjacent to the balcony, the round jacuzzi tub was set inside, but with windows that opened to enjoy the sun and breeze (if you so chose).

Click below to scroll through photos of our room at Beloved Playa Mujeres:

After indulging in the extensive Beloved Playa Mujeres room service menu, the tray and dirty dishes could be set inside a cabinet near the entrance, accessible for pick-up by staff on the other side of the door. A static version of a dumb waiter that kept dirty dishes out of site both inside your room and from anyone walking in the hallway. This was a clever feature and one of our favourites. No dirty dishes in the room or in the hallways waiting to be picked up.

Each and every night, Beloved Playa Mujeres also offered a turn down service, prepping your room for sleep by dimming the lights, providing water and leaving little sweets and notes on the bed. These little luxurious details were what made all the difference and what made Beloved Playa Mujeres a luxurious and unique getaway. Since we were only staying for a short getaway, we opted for the most economical available room, but this boutique hotel offers many others, some with private outdoor spaces and plunge pools.

Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort Review: What to Expect from the Food/Bars:

There was no lack of choice when dining at Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort. Each restaurant and bar on the premises was separate and unique. Again, the architecture and layout of the resort resembled more of a neighbourhood than your typical all-inclusive. 

Click below to scroll through photos of the food we experienced at the lunch bar:

No need for plastic bracelets or identification, the one photo taken at check-in was all that was required to dine at any of the restaurants, you simply shared your room number. This was another little thing, but brilliant touch that we loved and what made Beloved Playa Mujeres unique and luxurious.

After a delicious lunch at La Isla Trattoria restaurant, seated facing the ocean, located over the main pool and swim up bar, we decided to cool off by taking a quick dip and enjoying a frozen drink in the shade. For an authentic Mexican taste, be sure to have the delicious Tortilla Soup.


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


Swim up bar (located under La Isla Trattoria) Beloved Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico
Swim up bar (located under La Isla Trattoria) Beloved Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

For dinner, there are many luxurious options, including El Mar (the casual beach restaurant), La Isla Trattoria (which we mainly frequented for lunch) and the classic Lupita Steakhouse, we returned again and again for dinner at Le Bisou. A French-inspired restaurant, Le Bisou was beautifully decorated and had the most variety on the menu. With both indoor and outdoor seating available, we were often the only couple who chose to sit outside and enjoy the humidity, while everyone else bathed in the air conditioning.

Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort Resort: What to Expect from the Beach/Pool:

The beach and pool areas at Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort were all quiet, with subdued music playing through the speakers, and excellent service. Often in the afternoon, a band would set up in front of the pool with the swim up bar to entertain those in the water, at the beach and at the nearby restaurant. The music was relaxing and entertaining, not too loud of overwhelming.

The water temperature, however, was warm. With the afternoon sun beating down on us, we had expected cool (even cold) pool water, but after many days of intense heat, it was like stepping into a warm bath. Though it felt unusual at first, it was quite relaxing. We found a shady spot at the swim up bar and cooled ourselves off with a delicious frozen daiquiri before making our way to the white sand beach.

Beautiful sandy beach, Beloved Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico
Beautiful sandy beach, Beloved Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

We are, most definitely, beach people. The space that Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort occupied on the beach was small, but the lounge chairs were large, comfortable and readily available, each with a palm umbrella for shade and a beach-side menu of food and drinks. There never seemed to be a mad rush to "get the best seats" or guests "saving" their loungers hours in advance.

What was particularly luxurious and unique for this boutique resort, were the rentable private tents. For an additional fee, guests are able to reserve one of the few private cabanas on the beach on a first come, first serve basis (something we opted for every day possible). Once reserved, you were provided a large canvas cabana with two oversized beds to lounge on in the cool shade, plenty of towels and space to sip champagne and nibble on snacks.

LUXURY TRAVEL TIP: Reserve the private beach cabanas at reception, for as many days as possible (in advance). The fee in approximately $45 USD per day, but the benefits outweigh the costs. The privacy, the shade, the service and the freebies make this the ultimate secret luxurious escape.

With each days rental, Beloved Playa Mujeres also provided guests with a complimentary gift pack of sunscreen, bug repellent and a cooling misting spray. Luxury at it's finest.

Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort Review: Available Excursions & Entertainment:

Typically, before embarking on a new adventure, we research available excursions and local specialties to potentially experience while on vacation, and there are a plethora of things to do in Cancun.

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks

Beyond the Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, there is much to explore, with access to the beautiful Isla Mujeres and nearby ruins and unique historical sites.

Beloved Playa Mujeres is uniquely situated in Cancun to allow easy access to the sites of Xcaret (where you can swim in an underground river), Chichen Itza (where you can marvel at one of the most recognizable Mayan temples) and Tulum (where you can visit some of the most impressive Mayan ruins on the planet).

Since this trip to Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort was a short stay, only meant for relaxation, we hadn’t planned on leaving the resort or beach area, but there was one unique ocean adventure we just could not pass up.

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Swim in the ocean with a pod of huge, feeding whale sharks. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of sharing the same waters as these gentle giants. There are risks (seasickness), but this is truly a trip of a lifetime experience you shouldn't pass up.

The nearby waters are frequented by schools of whale sharks and there are many tour groups that offer the chance to snorkel with them in the wild. To learn more about Snorkelling with Whale Sharks, read: Unforgettable Encounters: A Trip of a Lifetime Snorkelling with Whale Sharks in Cancun, Mexico.

Inside Mexican Night, Beloved Playa Mujeres
Inside Mexican Night, Beloved Playa Mujeres

After dinner, we often chose to retreat to our room and relax with a drink from the bar in the jacuzzi tub or simply lounge on the oversized bed located on our private balcony.

Beloved Playa Mujeres did have live entertainment and theme nights, but unlike most typical all-inclusive resorts, they were classy and subdued, far from the typical resort entertainment.

One night during our stay, we partook in the Mexican Fiesta, an outdoor carnival set up with beautiful decorations, delicious food and live music. It was a fury of sounds and colours.

If privacy, romance and luxury is what you're looking for in a short getaway, Beloved Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico is a wonderful option that we would highly recommend. It is perfect in its simplicity. If you need a wide variety of entertainment options or are looking to simply have loud fun and party on the beach, look elsewhere. For more luxurious getaway options: read Luxury Winter Getaways: Unique Sun Destinations to Escape the Cold this Season.


Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Overall Ranking - 4/5

Every attempt was made by Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort to allow privacy, encourage romance and relaxation, and make guests feel special. It is perfect for a couples getaway, especially for a short stay, if you're looking for luxurious simplicity, relaxation and a lot of privacy.

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