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Beloved Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico: Review of A Luxurious Couples Resort Getaway

Updated: Feb 27

Who hasn't dreamed of secretly running away for a long weekend by the beach? Overwhelmed by work, late one summer, we did just that.

We decided to take advantage of a long holiday weekend and secretly fly to a secluded beach in Mexico. We were looking for seclusion privacy and a little luxury. We landed on Beloved Playa Mujeres, a secluded adults-only resort in Mexico that catered to couples looking for a little romance and a lot of privacy.

Located in Cancun, Beloved is far from the ordinary and what you'd expect from a typical all-inclusive resort. Upon arrival, our airport transfer was stopped so he could present the names of the passengers (and they could be checked) prior to security lifting the velvet rope and letting the car drive to the front entrance. Waiting for us to emerge from the vehicle, resort staff stood with champagne glasses and big smiles. We were escorted inside, where we relaxed in their reception area, as the concierge handled the check in.

This was no typical reception entrance. No front desk or line up, it was filled with large, comfy couches. We sipped our champagne and lounged in this luxurious living room until they called us. We exchanged the couch for comfortable chairs in a large booth, sitting across from the hotel representative, who handed us our key cards and then quickly escorted us to our room. Along the way, the friendly concierge informed us all of the fabulous amenities available.

Celebrating an anniversary, we were surprised a tasteful sheer banner across our door and with cake and champagne in our room. The oversized Junior Suite was equipped with not only a large bed, but a separate living area with a fully stocked bar, a huge shower that overlooked the bedroom, an oversized walk-in closet for all your belongings, and a huge balcony with indoor/outdoor round jacuzzi tub.

After indulging in the extensive room service menu, the tray and dishes could be hidden inside a cabinet near the entrance, accessible for pick-up by staff on the other side of the door. A version of a dumb waiter that kept dirty dishes out of site both inside your room and from anyone walking in the hallway. Each night, a turn down service prepped the room for sleep by dimming the lights, adding water to the bedside table and leaving sweet surprises on the bed. These little details a were what made all the difference.

The pristine resort is tastefully decorated in a minimalist but luxurious elegance of white stone and natural colours, beautifully designed for maximum privacy. Nestled on a white sandy beach between neighbouring resorts, Beloved felt secluded and peaceful. The private suites were scattered on the property between clusters of muted vegetation. A neighbourhood design rather than a typical resort.