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Expect the Unexpected: An Honest Review of LUX Le Morne Resort In Mauritius

Desperately longing for a beautiful beach vacation, we searched for islands we were unfamiliar with, and discovered the African island of Mauritius. Intrigued by its unique history and landscape, we booked a week-long stay at LUX Le Morne, a luxury resort located on a less populated stretch of beach, with the impressive Le Morne Brabant Mountain as the backdrop. This is our honest review of LUX Le Morne Resort in Mauritius.

Sunset reflection at LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Sunset reflection at LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

We landed in Mauritius in the early morning, after nearly 19 hours of flight time (from Toronto), and an 8-hour stopover in Vienna, Austria. Having slept very little, we were exhausted but excited to start our day in Mauritius. Located slightly off the beaten path, on the wild west coast of the island, LUX Le Morne Resort was an hour-long drive from the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Mauritius International Airport.

After a quick and painless check in at the front desk, we were escorted to a comfortable couch in the lounge, overlooking the front reflection pool. We were provided tropical welcome drinks and asked to relax while they checked on our room.

The atmosphere at LUX Le Morne Resort felt calm and relaxing. We waited only a short while, watching the early risers out for a morning stroll along the beach, before the concierge greeted us. Since it was so early, our room was not quite ready for us, but they offered to store our bags and bring them directly to the room once it was. In the meantime, we collected our swimsuits from our luggage and prepped for the beach.


TIP: When visiting a tropical location, pack a swimsuit or beachwear in your carry-on luggage or in an easily accessible part of your larger suitcase. Just in case your room is not available when you arrive, having easy access to a quick change of more comfortable clothing/shoes will make the delay that much more insignificant.


Beach, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Beach, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

Within minutes, we had changed and were lounging on comfortable reclining beds on the beach, under the share of enormous palm trees. We tried not to fall asleep, alternating between soaking up the sun and dipping ourselves into the clear waters. The beach was calm and crystal clear. After enjoying the buffet lunch, we checked in with the front desk and discovered our room was ready.

LUX Le Morne Resort Review: What to Expect from the Rooms

All rooms at LUX Le Morne Resort were made up of individual bungalows, nestled into the greenery of the vast property, located either across from the beach (or lagoon as it is often referred to), or set slightly further back on the property. Prior to arriving, we had contacted the hotel and requested, if possible, a more secluded bungalow, preferably on either end of the beach, away from families or children. We were celebrating a birthday and were looking for a more romantic vacation. We know requests such as this are not always possible, but most hotels and resorts will do their best to make your happy, if given the chance.

Once ready, we were escorted to our beachfront bungalow, which was located just steps from the main building and restaurant, in the heart of the resort. LUX Le Morne Resort offers standard rooms and suites, plus prestige and family suites just steps away from the beach. Many of the standard rooms and smaller suites were housed in two-story units located further away from the beach.

Bungalow Unit, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Bungalow Unit, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

We opted for the prestige sea-view junior suite. Our bungalow housed two attached rooms, each slightly offset from the other, so the private decks were not side by side. A great feature that allows for privacy and less shared noise between units. It was from the back deck that we first entered the room, and from which most guests navigated the resort, even though it meant walking over the grass to reach the deck and there was a front door and pathway on the other side of the bungalow. During our stay, we found most guests simply walked over the grass directly to the path or to the beach.

LUXURY TRAVEL TIP: If you're looking for the ultimate in luxury and romance, opt for an Ocean Junior Suite at LUX Le Morne Resort. These one-bedroom suites that include private deck with ocean view and deep soaking tub, are set further away from the standard beach bungalows.

The large grassy area is visually appealing, but found many families used this area as an extension of their private deck and allowed their children to run/play on the grass. Most of the time, it was happy and undisruptive, but we were unlucky to have neighbours with two young children under the age of 10, who spent time every day running and screaming after each other on the grass outside our bungalow, completely naked. After the third day, we did speak to the resort and were told there was nothing they could/would do.

The room itself was large and spacious, decorated in deep mahogany wood tones, with plenty of storage space behind the shuttered doors. The king sized bed was comfortable and encompassed most of the room. The open concept bathroom area included double sinks and vanity mirrors, separated by a shuttered window that could be closed for privacy. The toilet was housed behind a shuttered door, private but not so sound private. The large indoor shower, with rainwater shower head, walked out onto a second large private outdoor shower.


Update: LUX Le Morne Resort underwent an extensive renovation of the rooms/suites in 2020, changing the dark mahogany wood and muted tones to a fresh white and crisp cotton palate, providing a much more tropical and relaxing look and feel.


Kitty on deck, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

As we unpacked and prepared for cocktails on the beach, a white and ginger kitty walked into our back deck. Friendly and unafraid, she stayed a while, relaxing in the shade. Thus began our interactions with the animals on the island. This sweet kitty (who we later discovered was pregnant) came to visit us most days. We left her food, and she gave us cuddles in return, often sleeping on our laps.

One night, getting ready for bed, we saw movement outside and thought it was our kitty friend, but were surprised to see instead, two small Tailless Tenrecs munching on the ants the food left outside had attracted. Tenrecs are tropical mammals with long snouts, coarse fur and long sharp spines along their body. Young and fearful, they did not stay long.

Mauritius, is known for its varied flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the island. Most famously, it was the only known home of the dodo bird.


TIP: Beware of the Mauritius Wasp.

Mauritius Wasp

They are surprisingly resilient and extremely painful.

Having had the bad luck of being stung twice, I can tell you it is a searing pain that is intense but brief. The large orange-yellow wasps like to hide in shady spots during the day and are attracted to the light at night. The glass doors that separated the indoor shower from the outdoor shower did not stretch from ceiling to floor, so the wasps could easily fly inside. Keeping an outdoor light on at night distracted them enough to stay outside.


LUX Le Morne Resort Review: What to Expect from the Beach/Pools

The grounds that LUX Le Morne Resort occupies on the island is long and vast, with bungalows and suites scattered equally on either side of the centered reception area, stretching across a beautiful white-sand beach. The beach area on either side is long and lined with comfortable beach loungers nestled between tall palm trees. Perfect for sunset (or sunrise) walks. Scattered near the shore (and some in the water), inviting free-standing hammocks can be found. Though without shade nearby, they are rarely used.

On either side of the resort, there is a different pool to enjoy. On one end, near the edge of the LUX Le Morne Resort, the perimeter of the Oasis pool is surrounded by palm trees, but at the height of the day offers little to no shade in the water. We visited this pool but found it often unoccupied for large parts of the day, likely for that very reason. For those looking for seclusion, this pool was preferable, but only if you snagged a pool lounger near an umbrella or did not require full shade.

Main odd-shaped pool, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Main odd-shaped pool, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

On the other end, the pool is oddly shaped and nestled a little more by surrounding trees and building, offering much needed shade for those who need it. Plenty of seating, including a seated wooden swing, attracted many to this pool. Steps away from beach, we found many families preferred this pool for their children, sometimes opting to leave them unattended while they lounged nearby in the sand. For those looking for quiet relaxation by the pool, this was not for you, at least not for long.

The centered reception area walks out to a large shallow reflecting pool, surrounded on both sides by chairs and restaurants. Most do not use this as a pool, only as a beautiful feature, but during our stay, we did see one family who allowed their toddler to play (in the nude) in this pool. The LUX Le Morne Resort staff were not bothered, so assuming this is allowed.


Note: We only link to products and services that we have either used or would use, all opinions expressed are our own. Some may be affiliate links, with which we may receive a small commission for purchases made.


Snorkelling off LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Snorkelling off LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

We opted to spend most of our time at the beach. We relaxed in the shade of the palm trees, sipping tropical fruit smoothies, soaking in the cool waters and snorkelling as much as our tired bodies would allow. The turquoise lagoon at LUX Le Morne Resort offers clear shallow waters that are ideal for snorkelling. The surrounding reef is wide and home to many species of colourful coral and fish, all you need is a snorkel and mask. We spent many hours with our heads underwater, floating with our waterproof cameras, capturing the beauty of this underwater world. Be sure to re-apply sunscreen, especially on your back and neck. We burned quite quickly while snorkelling, as the cool water prevents you from realizing how hot your skin actually is.

LUX Le Morne Resort Review: What to Expect from the Restaurant/Bars

Attached to the open reception area, is The Kitchen restaurant, where buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinners are served. On the opposite side, the Bar and Maison LUX (formerly known as LUX café) overlook the centered reflection pool, with the Thai inspired East Restaurant (formerly known as Nipa Restaurant) nestled on the end close to the beach. We had all our breakfasts and some lunches and dinners at the Kitchen Restaurant. Food is spread out, offered buffet-style, allowing guest to select their own or be served by staff at specific stations. We found there to be a good variety of food options daily, with the food being fresh and tasty.

The LUX Café (now renovated and rebranded as Maison LUX) occupies a beautiful location (shared with the Bar), with outdoor seating to relax and enjoy the view of the reflecting pool and beach, with your delicious coffee or cocktail. With the hot days, we often longed for an iced coffee or frozen cocktail. We enjoyed both, but were dismayed that the iced coffee was not served with ice. The rebranding and renovation of Maison LUX appears to be very chic and aligned with the quality of needs of the guests.

Seating area overlooking the reflecting pool, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Seating area overlooking the reflecting pool, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

Through reviews of LUX Le Morne Resort and recommendations from the staff, we booked the East restaurant for our birthday celebration, as it was said to have the best cuisine. Though we did enjoy the food, it did not impress or wow us as expected, no more than the Kitchen Restaurant buffet.

While enjoying the beach, guests are able to order from the bar or beach menu, but we found the service inconsistent during our stay and often preferred to get dressed and walk to one of the restaurants for lunch. Our favourite lunch choice was the Beach Restaurant, located at the far end of the LUX Le Morne Resort. Under a small roof, the tables are set on a deck literally on the beach. The view is stunning and we found the food to be top quality and delicious. Try the heart if palm salad, it's perfect. The Beach Restaurant is also open for dinner, which we enjoyed multiple times, dining with dim lighting with the sounds of the ocean is amazing.

Newly offered at LUX Le Morne Resort is the small Kawaii Japanese Restaurant and Vik's Fisherman's Shack. Kawaii is a small 8-seat personalized sushi restaurant, with available seating for lunch and dinner. Vik's Fisherman's Shack is a small building on the grounds of the resort, open daily from 8a-8p, offering cocktails and fresh sea urchin. Prior to the shack opening, Vik would catch fresh sea urchin and offer tastings with champagne on the beach. We were expecting this experience and looked for him during our stay, but the experience was not offered.

LUX Le Morne Resort Review: Surprises and Pop-Ups

One of the unique experiences that attracted us to LUX Le Morne Resort in Mauritius, were the many reviews that spoke of special surprises and pop-up restaurants/bars during their stay. In addition to the available amenities, reviews of LUX Le Morne Resort described an overall romantic setting with daily surprise events, including pop-up food and cocktail stands, daily hidden bottles with spa gifts, sunsets on the beach with live saxophone music, champagne with fresh-caught sea urchin, and after-dark outdoor cinemas.

On day one, after a full day spent in the sun, we were mesmerized by an impressive fire show on the beach, with cocktails made at the pop-up bar in the sand to welcome new guests. For the first few days, we spent our time on the beach side located across from our bungalow, but we did explore the grounds looking for the rumored pop-up ice cream stand and pop-up hat stand.

Fire show on the Beach, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Fire show on the Beach, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

We discovered a tropical juice stand close to the entrance of the shaded pool (a permanent structure that offered fresh juice every day) and the ICI Ice Cream Shop located in the cabana at the shaded pool. The once roaming shop, was then and is now permanently settled in this location. Both the juice and ice cream are welcome and delicious treats. The elusive hat stand was never found, likely a pop-up that prove to be unpopular and was discontinued.

When a family with young misbehaving toddlers proved too much for our patience, we moved further down the beach to the other side, and took up residence on a lounger closer to the Beach Restaurant. To our surprise, staff came around to offer bites of food, special drinks and even a turn at the cool misting spray on one particularly hot day. It was unclear if these surprises were offered to the other side of the beach, but we only ever encountered them on this one side.

Tucked into the corner of the reception area of the LUX Le Morne Resort is a London inspired red telephone booth where guests can make international phone calls for free. Some reviews implied the booth popped-up in different places around the resort, but this was not the case during our visit. For those looking for a quiet getaway, somewhat hidden behind the pool, near the two-story units, is a small library. The room has a small selection of books and a comfortable couch to relax, but what it does not have it air conditioning. It is a sweet building and a great idea, but one cannot stay long during the day.

Behind reception, if one was so keen to notice, a wooden stand held four glass bottles. Every day, these bottles would be filled with surprise vouchers to the LUX spa, for free cocktails, special excursions, etc. and hidden somewhere on the resort. Everyday, we searched for these bottles, scouring the beach and the grounds, but never found one. During the day, passing through reception, we could see the bottles that had been found and returned and wondered where they could have been. We suspect that they were hidden in plain sight and quickly snatched up by the guests nearby.

Tree of Wishes, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius
Tree of Wishes, LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

The weekly outdoor cinema was set up under the Tree of Wishes one evening, with bean bags as seats and boxes of candy and popcorn for snacks. The film was chosen by vote, with guests placing coloured glass beads in jars outside the Kitchen Restaurant to choose between two options. The film choices were adult but the majority of the guests at the outdoor cinema were children. It was a nice idea that didn't seem to fit.


Update: LUX Le Morne Resort now offers guests the option to book a film night for 2 adults in their newly built tree house. A much more romantic and unique experience catering to adults in search of romance.


Some events we read about never occurred, like the pop-up hat stand, the champagne and sea urchin on the beach, while the surprise element was removed from the others with agendas slipped under our door inviting us to surprise events. What we found was a resort in existential crisis, welcoming many families with young children (so much so it felt as if we we booked into a summer camp) but still focused on marketing to couples looking for luxury and romance.

LUX Le Morne Resort Review: Available Excursions/Outings

LUX Le Morne Resort offers unique experiences, both on the resort and in the surrounding area. Following the same romantic couple theme, LUX Le Morne allows guests to book, in addition to the cinema night in a treehouse, a luxurious breakfast in a treehouse, a romantic sunset drink on Le Morne mountain and a 500 candles romantic dinner on the beach. For those who are looking for a little more excitement, LUX Le Morne Resort also offers kitesurfing, snorkel and scuba excursions, plus yoga, horseback riding and various hikes.

On day five we arose early and headed to the majestic and looming mountain. Booked through LUX Le Morne Resort, we were privileged to be paired with a local guide for a private hike to the half-way point of the UNESCO Heritage Site, Le Morne Brabant Mountain. Some places have a history that radiates so loudly, one should be forced into silence. This was one of those places.

View from Le Morne Brabant Mountain, Mauritius
View from Le Morne Brabant Mountain, Mauritius

Our guide enlightened us on the dark and tragic history of Le Morne Brabant Mountain, as a shelter for runaway slaves. To learn more about this, read: The Tragic History of Le Morne Brabant Mountain on the Island of Mauritius. It was an invigorating hike and fascinating experience with phenomenal views. We stopped at the half-way point, but others continued on to reach the peak.


Update: LUX Le Morne Resort no longer offers this guided hike up Le Morne Brabant Mountain, but there are other tours that offer this unique travel experience. We would recommend this excursion: Hiking Le Morne Brabant, as it is a small group with guide.


One excursion that was not offered during our visit, but now appears to be part of the LUX Le Morne Resort excursion offering, is the chance to swim with a pod of wild dolphins. In the early morning hour, following the soft pink sunrise, we walked along the beach to meet a boat and her two-man crew. Reluctant to join the crowds and be one of many boats circling, we arranged for a private boat through Karlos Excursions. When we arrived, we joined two small speed boats in the area. The boat circled slowly, creating the bubbles the dolphins enjoyed playing in and on the crews command, we jumped into the ocean, snorkel gear on, water cameras in hand.

It took four jumps to get the timing just right. Swimming hard and fast, we approached a pod of twenty Spinner dolphins. The pops and clicks of the dolphins communicating became louder as more dolphins emerged from the sides to join the pod. They took little notice of us, and for a moment, we were surrounded by what was visibly fifty dolphins, swimming together in the same direction. It was one of the most magical encounters we have ever experienced. We couldn't more highly recommend this unique experience.

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Be sure to get off the resort and explore Mauritius. One unique way to see the island is from the sky. Mauritius has a unique visual phenomenon, the underwater waterfall, that can only be seen from the sky. We would recommend Corail Helicopter Tours.

If you are interested in animal encounters, you may be tempted to visit nearby Casela Nature Park. On our second day in Mauritius,, we headed off the resort to Casela Nature Park. Housing a large number of wild animal residents, Casela Nature Park claims to be involved in the conservation and protection of endangered species in Mauritius and boasts once in a lifetime animal interactions. The day began with walking into a cage for one-on-one time with a Cheetah. Following the strict direction of the handler, we were able to pet and scratch the head of the fastest animal in the world. Later, we would have similar experiences with both a Serval, a Caracal, and a group of nine-month-old lion cubs.

White Lion, Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
White Lion, Casela Nature Park, Mauritius


Note: We do not endorse or encourage in any way shape or form, canned hunting or captive breeding for the purposes of entertainment or sport. Prior to booking, we researched Casela Nature Park extensively and found no complaints of mistreatment or their involvement in canned hunting. Though we did not witness mistreatment and felt the handlers loved and respected the animals, the interactions lean to the exploitation of wildlife for entertainment.


After the cubs, we prepped for a long walk in the forest with lions. Walking calmly alongside their handler, emerged two lions. Both were large, menacing and beautiful. The guide explained that at three, these lions were old enough to listen and follow, but not old enough to confidently lead. Over the next hour, we walked, watched them climb trees, and had the opportunity to touch them. The experiences left us exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, but before heading back we made one more stop to hand feed the gentle giraffes.

Mauritius Rum

On our last full day in Mauritius, we hired a driver for the afternoon. The first stop was The Rhumerie de Saint Aubin, a rum distillery located on a large plot of land in southern Mauritius. After a short tour of the shop and an explanation on how the rum is made, we sampled their flavoured rums. To learn more about our experience and Mauritius rum, read: Mauritius Rum: a Unique Taste for a Unique Place.

From the distillery, we headed to Vallée des Couleurs, also known as the 23 Coloured Earth. Spread over 450 acres of land emerge brightly coloured patches of earth, a unique geological feature.

The colours are a phenomenon resulting from the volcanic eruption of the Bassin Blanc volcano, unique to Mauritius and this part of the island. Discovered only in 1998, the area has been developed into a nature park. We were given a tour of the grounds and an up-close look (and feel) of the coloured earth. The soft sand crumbles between your fingers like thick chalk, exposing different patterns of colours and lines.

Vallee des Couleurs Park, Mauritius
Vallee des Couleurs Park, Mauritius

Before our time was over at LUX Le Morne Resort, we inquired with the front desk if there was any possibility of planting a tree. LUX Le Morne graciously allowed us to plant a coconut palm on the grounds, directly in front of our bungalow. We aim to plant a tree in every country we visit, in memory of my father and we are extremely grateful that LUX Le Morne allowed us that opportunity on short notice. There was so much more we would have loved to explore. The island of Mauritius is a special kind of unique that should be experienced and explored to the fullest.


LUX Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

Overall Ranking - 3/5

Mauritius is a unique island with a rich history.

LUX Le Morne Resort is uniquely situated near the impressive Le Morne Brabant Mountain, set on a tropical beach with many opportunities for luxurious relaxation and romantic experiences. Though LUX Le Morne Resort continues to evolve and reestablish itself, it continues to market mainly to couples while welcoming couples with young families. If you're not bothered by shared spaces or are looking for a luxurious getaway with your family, LUX Le Morne Resort may be the perfect getaway for you.

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