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Frequently Asked Questions

About 20 Travel Tales in 200 Words, The Book

How did 20 Travel Tales in 200 Words come to be?

20 Travel Tales in 200 Words was the result of recorded ramblings driving home from work. In order to both pass the time and focus her thoughts, D often would record her voice while talking aloud to herself in the car, working through ideas. As a young adult, D loved 55 Fiction, the art of telling a story in only 55 words and wanted to build on that concept, but also recount events from their travels and feature their photography. The resulting book could appeal to everyone, the reader, the writer, the traveller, the photographer or anyone who simply needs an escape from the day to day.

Are all the tales actually true?

Yes! Each tale recounts a true event (some shortened to fit within the 200 word count) that occurred while we were travelling in that area. Some are silly, some are soulful and some are downright embarrassing, but all true.

Were all the photographs actually taken by you, while on location?

Yes! Both D and J love photography and capturing moments while travelling, often returning home after a couple of weeks with thousands upon thousands of photos to process. The photos features in the book/s are an equal mix of both D and J's handy work. 

Is there a difference between the digital and print versions?

Yes and No.  The stories are exactly the same, but the photos are not.  The print version contains photos that sometimes cross over two pages and were selected specifically for that reason, they also often line up between the photo and text pages to create a flow.  The digital version contains some of the same photos but others have been replaced to best fit a single page.  The digital version also contains extra photos for most tales that are not available in the print version.

Which was the first story written?

The first tale written was When You Think You're Prepared, is When You're Not Prepared. Probably because J loves to tease D about the "waterfall" they detoured to see and how silly we were for forgetting the water bottles.

What is your favourite story and why?

D - Favourite story has to be It's Not Moving On, It's Moving Forward. It was my dad who passed away just before that trip and I'm so proud and thankful that it launched a tree-planting tradition for us. 

J - Favourite story, hands down, is Murder House. Why? Because we were lucky to get out alive.

Which is your favourite photo and why?

D - Favourite photo has to be my photo of J ziplining into the clouds in Monteverde, Costa Rica. It captures so beautifully how small and insignificant we are against the backdrop of nature.

J - Favourite photo is my photo of The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, mainly because I rarely take night shots and am so happy with how this one turned out.



Will there be a second second edition with more tales?

Good Question. Maybe.  There are definitely enough tales to create 20 More Travel Tales in 200 Words. Time will tell.


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Waterfall, Costa Rica
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